Why attitude is more important than intelligence?

Two mindsets by Carol DweckFrom Performance MagazineCezarina Barbieru discusses the importance of having a growth mindset and positive attitude.  She recommends strategies for developing a growth mindset.  Cezarina writes:

Following the below-mentioned strategies, one could improve or develop the right mentality and a growth mindset:

  • Be passionate. People who are not as naturally talented as others can make up in passion. Passion empowers and drives the pursuit of excellence.
  • Take action. Take actions towards overcoming fear and anxiety; remember, people with growth mindsets are not necessarily braver, but they know that negative feelings severely damage their inner state.
  • Be flexible. Embrace challenges and failures as a means for improvement and adapt until you attain your desired results.
  • Expect results. People with growth mindsets also experience failures from time to time, but they never let this keep them from achieving their goals.
  • Bring it all together. Keep track of how you respond to day-to-day work-related incidents in order to keep yourself on the right path.

 Developing individual performance by having a growth mindset and a positive attitude is not going to happen overnight and although it takes a tremendous effort, it brings substantial advantages. A positive attitude will always equate to positive results, even in the case of mishaps. As we continue seeing nowadays, success is constantly being redefined in terms of embracing each challenge and failure you encounter along your way and treating them as a learning experience.

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