Raising Kids Is Expensive; Here’s How To Earn Extra Cash

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The cost of raising a child in the United States to adulthood easily exceeds the quarter million dollar mark. Unless you hit the lottery or come from old money, chances are that you will have to work to make ends meet. But, what do you do when your heart says stay home but your bank account says it’s time to clock in? You look for innovative ways to work at home, that’s what!

You have skills

If you are great with words, you can dip your toes into the world of freelance writing or, better yet, write a few e-books and enjoy a passive income. You may not make a ton of money at first. However, if you are persistent, have something interesting to say, and understand that it takes time to build a following, you may eventually build up to a respectable income. One fun way to get your name and titles out there is to launch a podcast to promote your books.

A podcast is a quick and easy way to build brand awareness, pick up additional customers, market directly to your demographic, and boost traffic flow to your e-book shop or website. As an added benefit, it’s perhaps one of the best ways to give your readers a glimpse into your personality so that they can read your books and truly hear your voice shine through in the content.

Another important skill that you have as a parent is the ability to entertain an immature crowd. You might want to consider babysitting from home or teaching classes in an area where you have expertise that scaled down to a younger crowd. One example would be to teach art to homeschool students. If you happen to be handy with the camera, you can even pick up a few gigs as a family, newborn, or maternity photographer. Wix Photography explains that there are lots of people in your shoes out there, and it will take some creativity and a little bit of hustle to make it in the world of visual arts.

Working from home is easier than ever

All of the above ideas more or less revolve around you putting in the effort to promote yourself. If you don’t have the time or confidence to do just that, you are in luck. The digital age has made it almost impossible to find an industry that doesn’t offer some work-at-home opportunities.

And with more than 53 million freelancers in the US and millions of more people working from home now thanks to the pandemic, it’s easier than ever to find opportunities as businesses compete for the most talented workers. One of the most popular remote positions is software development. But you can also use your skills as a graphic designer, marketing professional, search engine optimization specialist, or public relations manager. Many companies also hire remote virtual agents or commissioned sales staff, each of which may allow you to work around your and your family’s schedule.

Your freelance setup should be simple to put together and easy on the wallet. Carve out a workspace where you can focus, invest in an affordable laptop and a decent webcam, and look into inexpensive invoicing software. The right equipment coupled with a quick and dependable internet connection will position you to hit the ground running with whatever freelance jobs you find.

There are hundreds of ways to make money working from home. Whether you’re crafty, compassionate, or computer-savvy, there are opportunities around every corner. While becoming a stay-at-home parent is certainly a big leap, particularly if you’ve enjoyed a long career, there’s nothing stopping you from adding to your family’s bank account while also catering to the kids.


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