workplace fight
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When You Get Fired or Fail Big, This is How You Bounce Forward 

From LinkedIn, Adam Grant discusses how to bounce back from being fired in a unique way.  He talks…

I'm feeling lucky
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Six Simple Habits Of “Lucky” People

  From Fast Company, Stephanie Vozza talks about luck and how it may be possible to increase one’s luck…

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Thanks in Advance – gets the best response

    From Fast Company, Stephanie Vozza shares fascinating information from a study on how to get the best…

woman on swing set at ocea
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I Want to Be Happy! 41 Things That Will Make You Happier

  From Self Development Secrets, Rebecca Temsen shares her recommendations for 41 things that will make you…

today's training -- tell a story
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A Storytelling Guide for Those Who Stink at Storytelling

  From Inc., Jessica Stillman offers a guide to telling a story to help those who are challenged with…

saying grace at bbq ritual
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Research: Performing a Ritual Before a Stressful Task Improves Performance

  From Harvard Business Review, Alison Wood Brooks discusses her research on how performing a ritual before a stressful…

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Seven forms of argument

    About 30 years ago, I took at course on securities law at Boston University School…

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To Recover from Failure, Try Some Self-Compassion

  From the Harvard Business Review, Christopher Germer describes the importance of self-compassion to help you recover from failure….

How to get ahead?
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Fitting In Or Standing Out: Which One Gets You Ahead Faster? 

  From Fast Company, Lydia Dishman discusses the question about whether it is better to fit in or…

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Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love 

    From the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Berstein shares research that shows that men who are good…

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The Four Truths of the Storyteller

  From, Peter Gruber, in a terrific article, outlines the four truths of a story teller….

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The Resilience Habit I Taught Thousands Of Army Drill Sergeants

  From FastCompany, Paula Davis-Laack discusses how she taught resilience to Army drill sargeants.  She based her…