How to Be More Charismatic: 10 Tips by Jeff Haden


How to Be More Charismatic: 10 Tips |  Jeff Haden does a really nice job of  providing key tips to being more charismatic.  The real value of charisma is its ability to influence people in a positive way and to increase one’s effectiveness as a leader.    His first three tips — listen more, speak less, don’t practice selective hearing, and focus on what the other person is saying (don’t be distracted) — all relate to listening to other people.  Listening attentively and carefully increases one’s charisma.  Charisma and the ability to inspire and motive others stem from the ability to listen to and pay attention to others.  Some may find this surprising — they may believe that leaders are charismatic because their words inspire others — but many times the ability to motive others comes from having listened to them.

Jeff provides a number of other tips to be more charismatic but the ones that stick with me relate to listening in a focused, attentive way.

Charisma helps a leader’s effectiveness because it helps a leader influence others.  An intrinsic aspect of leadership is influencing others — one is not leading if everyone continues to do what they have always done.  It is only by influencing others to do something different – to make different choices – to go down a different path — that one changes from being a bystander to being a leader.  And having charisma — presence, power and warmth — helps any leader influence others more effectively.


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