Jumpstarting Your Career: A Resource List for Motivated Women

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Whether you own a business or are just starting a career, the life of a working woman is not without its unique challenges. You may be juggling family responsibilities with work commitments or you may be trying to find ways to get your startup off of the ground.

Either way, this helpful list of business and career resources can provide the added support you need, so that you can continue on your path to success.

Starting a New Career

If you’ve recently decided to embark on a new career path, there’s a lot to wade through. From furthering your education to looking for balance, consider the following resources:

Scholarships for Women and Single Mothers

Earn an Online Accounting Degree

Learning Is Supposed to Feel Uncomfortable

Balance Your Education with Your Family

Write Your First Resume

Gain Experience With an Internship

Practice Self-Care as a Busy Professional

Starting a Small Business

Becoming your own boss and launching your own business is an exhilarating and complex endeavor. But with the right approach and the following resources, you can set yourself up for a great start!

Getting Inspiration for Your Business

Writing Out a Business Plan

Finding Funding for Female Business Owners 

Accounting Help for Your Business

Starting a Business From Home

Marketing Your New Small Business

Finding a Balance Between Business and Life

Whether you’re looking to run your own business or simply advance your career, know that anything is possible with the right resources and attitude. Own your strengths as a woman and know that you have what it takes to reach your career goals!



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