How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

In a world where technology has made everything reachable with the tip of our fingers, how can you create something unique when all has been seen? How do you differentiate your brand from others? What can you do that will make you stand out and be remembered by millions?

For your branding to stand out and make a mark in its market, it has to be a strong, well thought out brand plan. Here are a few ways you can differentiate your brand.

You must identify your audience

When creating a brand, one of the initial stages to complete is a survey to see who your audience and target market is. For example, Tiktok is a platform for millennials to post short clips of videos that go viral.

Now this company has targeted a special niche where they keep their main branding and marketing catering mostly to that niche. You have multiple examples of energy drinks that target athletes, adventure junkies, and teenagers. Their branding always showcases ads that click to these target groups.

Know what your rivals are up to

For you to create a brand that speaks of individuality and uniqueness, you must know what other companies and businesses are doing in the market. Once you have done in-depth research of your competitors and how they are branding themselves you can then create your strategy accordingly.

Many brands focus on being the leading competitor in terms of pricing where they either keep their prices low or high depending on the product. In this case, you must see where you want your pricing to lie and how your audience will react to it.

Is your product unique?

To have a brand that will distinguish itself from others, you have to ask yourself ‘Is this a product or service that is easily available in the market?’ If you are entering a market that is very saturated with the same idea as yours, there is a high chance it might not gain a lot of popularity.

However, if your brand brings a new element to itself, then many customers will rush to you. This is because many customers are bored of the normal and are always looking for something different, a new normal. For example, Build-A-Bear is a one-of-a-kind global brand that brought buying a stuffed animal a whole new experience.

There were already many stores that sold stuffed animals and other toys, but Build-A-bear came into the market with a whole new concept. They allowed children to build their stuffed animals and customize them with cute outfits, bags, etc.

Be consistent

It might sound boring but consistency is key. Look at Nike, their logo is just a tick. Imagine if they were a company that you’d never hear of. There is nothing about their branding that would immediately grab your attention.

Nike became such a huge brand as they sold high-quality sneakers that were brilliantly designed and linked up with some huge athletes, mainly Michael Jordan.

Whether you are creating a business card, printing a T-shirt or putting your logo equipment, you want your branding to be consistent. People should see your branding and instantly know what the company it represents is about.

Don’t worry about standing out

While it may be counter-intuitive, don’t worry too much about standing out. If you have the right target audience, have learned from your rivals and have great products then your brand is going to be strong.

Create a great logo, have a solid company ethos and be consistent. If you follow these simple steps then you’ll have a brand that people instantly recognize. That is how you ultimately stand out.