How Seniors Can Prepare for Post-Pandemic Job Opportunities

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If you’re a senior in the workforce wondering if you should explore a new industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be questioning whether or not you’ll be able to land a position in a different field. With the right preparation and a focus on improving certain key skills, this is definitely within your reach. The helpful infographics collected by Nathan S. Gibson can provide essential guidance, and with the resources we’ve rounded up, you’ll be ready to impress recruiters and hiring managers.

 Deciding on a New Direction

 It’s entirely possible to switch careers as a senior! Here’s how to figure out what your next steps should be.

 Understand that it’s never too late to try something new – this thorough guide will help you prepare for career change.

  • It’s time to take inventory. Go over your resume and previous work experiences to assess your own skills.
  • Next, take a look at the industries that are expected to grow after the pandemic and see where your current skill set might be useful.

 Expanding Your Skill Set

 Now, you’re aware of the skills that you’ve mastered and the areas where you need improvement. These resources will help you grow your overall skill set.

 If you’ve identified an industry that you want to work in, identify your transferable skills and find ways you can improve your talents in these areas.

  • Don’t overlook your soft skills! These tips will help you polish up your communication methods and become a better leader.
  • Furthering your education is always an option! For example, you could earn your bachelor’s degree in accounting online.

 Hands-On Learning

 Even during this pandemic, there are opportunities to learn and improve your skills in a “hands-on” fashion. These suggestions can help you beef up your resume.

 You can offer your services on a freelance basis to gain experience in your new industry before applying for full-time positions.

  • If you can find a way to volunteer while social distancing, you’ll be able to network while learning!
  • Finally, finding ways to simply boost your confidence can help you get ready for job interviews.

Seniors who enjoy working and are in no rush to retire may be worried about their employment prospects during this economic downturn. But in sectors that have continued to grow despite the pandemic, opportunities abound! With these and more resources from Nathan S. Gibson, you’ll be ready to lead in the workplace at your new job.

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