Giving Your Brand Primal Power Through Storytelling

Giving Your Brand Primal Power Through Storytelling | Fast Company.  As part of my ongoing fascination about the power of storytelling, I read this article by Nick Nanton and JW Dicks.  Nanton and Dicks write about how storytelling has primal power to influence an audience.  They report that stories trigger the release of oxytocin which  is a hormone associated with social recognition and bonding.  Stories cause listeners to become emotionally engaged with the storyteller.  In addition, stories help us makes sense of the world.  With all the information that is available, stories are able to tie it together in way that is understandable.

They write “[w]e can’t help but be drawn in by a great story.”  Nanton and Dicks make s “story-selling” a key part of their branding efforts with clients.  On their website,, they talk about how to build your brand, expand your credibility and build your fan base.  Not surprisingly, their website tells a good story about how they can help you become recognized as the expert in your field and use that to grow your business.  It’s worth a few minutes to listen to their story.

Recently, storytelling has become a popular subject with Andrew Stanton giving an outstanding TedTalk on “The Clues to a Great Story.


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