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How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation

From the Harvard Business Review, Amy Gallo shares some terrific advice on how to control your emotions…

what's your story
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How to Tell Your Story 

  From 99U, Matt McCue provides a terrific 5 step process for telling a story. Matt writes: Here’s…

Roland Jerrold Gibson or R. Jerrold Gibson or Jerry Gibson
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My dad and Jean Valjean

​My dad died three years ago. He was 85 and had slipped dramatically in the year before his…

today's training -- tell a story
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A Storytelling Guide for Those Who Stink at Storytelling

  From Inc., Jessica Stillman offers a guide to telling a story to help those who are challenged with…

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Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love 

    From the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Berstein shares research that shows that men who are good…

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The Four Truths of the Storyteller

  From, Peter Gruber, in a terrific article, outlines the four truths of a story teller….

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Theranos and the Dark Side of Storytelling

From Harvard Business Review, Jonathan Gottschall discusses the power of storytelling and what happens when a story is used…

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TED Talk Masters Teach You How To Tell A Story That Actually Means Something

From Fast Company, Chris Anderson discusses the importance of having one overall message – a “through-line”– for a…

once upon a time
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To Recover from a Crisis, Retell Your Company’s Story

  From Harvard Business Review, Harry Hutson and Martha Johnson discuss the damage to the B&O Railroad Museum and how its…

Tell Stories
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5 Storytellers

  From Forbes, Carmine Gallo discusses 5 types of storytellers that you will meet in business.  Some of the…

phases of a story
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The Ancient Storytelling Secret That Every Leader Needs To Know

  In 1998, I read Every Leader Tells a Story and it immediately validated what I had been…

Dale Gibson, David Gibson and Jerry Gibson
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Jerry’s brother, Dale Gibson, remembers Jerry Gibson

My brother, Jerry, was nearly 6 years old when I was born in 1935. Aside from my…