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3 Tax-Deductible Office Updates for Your Home-Based Business

Whether you’re looking to update the space you’ve been working in for years or you’re now just…

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31 Awesome Personal Finance Statistics to Know in 2020

From Capital Counselor, Bojana Petkovic has put together some terrific statistics on personal finances. Some of my…

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
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15 Traits of Unstoppable People

From Entrepreneur, Deep Patel provides an excellent list of 15 traits of unstoppable people. These are my favorites from…

Roland Jerrold Gibson or R. Jerrold Gibson or Jerry Gibson
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My dad and Jean Valjean

​My dad died three years ago. He was 85 and had slipped dramatically in the year before his…

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Wild Card Playoff Gallery at Vikings

The Seahawks hit the road and traveled to Minnesota for the second time this season for the…

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Why I love Dorie Clark

First of all, I have to admit that I’ve never met Dorie Clark.  To be fair, it…

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New Year’s Resolutions — A Good Time to Take Steps To Move You Towards Where You’re Going

As 2013 begins, it seems to be an appropriate time to appraise the process for both making…