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‘Grit’ Is More Important Than IQ

From Business Insider — “In a paper, “Self-Discipline Outdoes IQ In Predicting Academic Performance Of Adolescents,” Duckworth and colleague…

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Is “grit” the most important quality to possess?

From Barking Up the Wrong Tree — “Intelligence and creativity are great but you can’t quit when the…

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Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results

  From The Wall Street Journal — “Grit trumps talent. In recent years, University of Pennsylvania psychology…

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Grit – the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward long term goals.

I don’t remember when I started being a fan of Angela Duckworth and her research on grit….

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True Grit: Can Perseverance Be Taught?

Angela Duckworth, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, discusses her research that shows that grit is…

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Does Practice or Talent Predict Top Performance? A Recommendation of “Talent Is Overrated”

Does practice or talent predict top performance?  The answer is practice according to Geoff Colvin and his book Talent…

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New Year’s Resolutions — A Good Time to Take Steps To Move You Towards Where You’re Going

As 2013 begins, it seems to be an appropriate time to appraise the process for both making…

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Grit: Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals

Grit:  Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals by Angela Duckworth and Christopher Peterson report that grit, defined as…

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Building Resilience

Building Resilience – Harvard Business Review.  This is a great article my Martin Seligman who is called…