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How to get kids to take academic risks

From the Washington Post, Valerie Strauss shares the 6th in a series of essays about letting students struggle…

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Growth Mindset – More Evidence

Alex Quigley discusses recent studies that add to the knowledge about interventions to teach students about a growth…

Roland Jerrold Gibson or R. Jerrold Gibson or Jerry Gibson
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Lessons from my dad

I learned a lot from my dad, Jerry Gibson, and on Father’s Day, I think about some…

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No quick fix for pupils with a fixed mindset about their own intelligence

From The Conversation, Heather Rolfe discusses a study which looked at the effect of classroom interventions teaching the…

Rebecca Parker
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Cultivating Grit

Rebecca Parker discusses ways in which you can cultivate Grit.  Rebecca writes:   Goals that require consistent…

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Do Growth Mindsets Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S for National Spelling Bee Competitors?

From Education Week, Evie Blad writes questions whether growth mindsets led to success in the National Spelling…

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Why a Growth Mindset is Essential for Learning

From One Month, Sarah Peck writes about why having a growth mindset is a key to learning….

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Fieldcrest Elementary School: Growth Mindset —

Carol Dweck’s terrific research on the value of developing a growth mindset should be incorporated by teachers…

Roland Jerrold Gibson or R. Jerrold Gibson or Jerry Gibson
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Jerry Gibson displayed Grit, Initiative and Creative Problem Solving

  My dad died on February 9, 2015.  He was 85 and slipped a bit in the…

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The Talent Myth

From the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell wrote the article The Talent Myth in 2002 and discussed how the…

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The revolution that’s changing the way your child is taught

From the Guardian, Ian Leslie writes about Doug Lemov and his efforts to develop teachers by training them…

How to build intelligence
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How to Build Intelligence

From Mindset Works, this infographic demonstrates how to build intelligence.