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Online ‘mindset’ interventions help students do better in school, Stanford research shows

From Standford News, Clifton B. Parker reports on a new study that indicates that online interventions that…

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Growth Mindset Parenting

From Getting Smart, Eduardo Briceno provides excellent advice for parents who want to help their children develop…

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Carol Dweck Revisits the ‘Growth Mindset’

From Education Week, Carol Dweck revisits the concept of a growth mindset, discusses how it should be…

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Every mistake a learning opportunity

From the Prince George Citizen, Gerry Chidiac discusses the importance of making mistakes in the process of…

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How to Get Good at Everything

From the vlogbrothers, Hank Green presents an amusing and insightful explanation of the growth mindset.  

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Making your kid play organized sports could cost them their creativity

From Quartz, Matthew Bowers discusses a study which examined the relationship between childhood leisure hours and creativity as…

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The Power Within

From The Power Within, John Marshall discusses a growth mindset and its importance for coaches.  He shares…

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The Parents Guide to Grit

We’ve all heard or read “The Tortoise and the Hare.” The hare and tortoise race, and the…

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Watch Growth Minded Middle School-ers in Action!

From Mindset Works, the story of middle school Music Director Julie Ahlorn who puts the concept of…

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Carol Dweck: ‘The whole idea of growth mindset is to say yes they can’

From tes, Kaye Wiggins shares Carol Dweck’s comments on how teachers should be using the concept of…

Measurement matters
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Researchers urge caution in using measures of students’ ‘non-cognitive’ skills for teacher evaluation

From, Angela Duckworth and David Scott Yeager urge caution in using current measurement criteria for evaluating…

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Beyond Talent and Smarts: Why Even Geniuses Struggle

From KWED News, Annie Murphy Paul writes about the debate between practice and natural ability.  Annie writes:…