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Nathan S. Gibson is an independent worker compliance business partner who provides expertise and creative solutions to enhance workforce flexibility and maintain compliance. He helps mitigate the risks associated with the misclassification of self-employed consultants, freelancers and independent contractors.
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Do Growth Mindsets Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S for National Spelling Bee Competitors?

From Education Week, Evie Blad writes questions whether growth mindsets led to success in the National Spelling…

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Why a Growth Mindset is Essential for Learning

From One Month, Sarah Peck writes about why having a growth mindset is a key to learning….

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Fieldcrest Elementary School: Growth Mindset —

Carol Dweck’s terrific research on the value of developing a growth mindset should be incorporated by teachers…

Roland Jerrold Gibson or R. Jerrold Gibson or Jerry Gibson
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Jerry Gibson displayed Grit, Initiative and Creative Problem Solving

  My dad died on February 9, 2015.  He was 85 and slipped a bit in the…

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The Talent Myth

From the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell wrote the article The Talent Myth in 2002 and discussed how the…

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The revolution that’s changing the way your child is taught

From the Guardian, Ian Leslie writes about Doug Lemov and his efforts to develop teachers by training them…

How to build intelligence
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How to Build Intelligence

From Mindset Works, this infographic demonstrates how to build intelligence.

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The Two Word Trick For Becoming More Creative

From Time, Erik Barker writes about little bets — an experiment to test a theory that doesn’t…

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Age and Experience Don’t Matter. Mindset Does.

From Entrepreneur, Maite Baron discusses two mindsets which she describes as SUPER– an Super+.  These mindsets lead to…

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Turning Setbacks Into Successes

From Forbes,  Brett Steenbarger writes a terrific article on how to build resilience.  He begins with a…

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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent

From the New York Times, Benedict Carey discusses the debate between the relative importance of practice and…

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8 Ways to Raise Kids With Grit 

From the Huffington Post — Barbara Greenberg writes:  “I talk to parents almost every day and have…