5 Ways to Avoid Professional Burnout

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You work long hours, and each day at the office seems more stressful than the last. You know that you’re biting off more than you can chew, but you’re nervous to cut back on your workload or your hours. Here are a few tips to help you dodge professional burnout, from starting your own business to taking more vacation days.

Start a New Career by Earning an Online Degree

What if you’ve been unhappy in your current role for a while, and the demands of your job have worn you down? In this case, it may be time to start considering new career paths. For example, earning an education degree is the first step towards pursuing a career as a teacher. You may consider this option to become well-versed in educational theories and practices, subject matter, and classroom management. With dedication and hard work, an education degree can open up a whole new world of career opportunities as a teacher.

Apply for Remote Jobs

When you work remotely, you’ll be able to nix your commute to and from the office, which will give you more time to enjoy your hobbies or hang out with your friends. But how can you go about finding a remote job? Start by checking out online job boards that are specifically dedicated to remote positions, or look for staffing agencies that specialize in matching job seekers with roles that allow telecommuting. You might also be interested in looking for hybrid roles so that you only have to go into the office a couple of days per week.

Use Your Vacation Days

What if you’re generally happy with your current job, but you simply wish you had a little more time to yourself? It’s time to start planning more vacations and making the most of your PTO! Many employees do not use all of their vacation days, but taking more time off can definitely benefit your mental health. BioSpace states that workers who take all of their vacation time are often physically healthier, less stressed, and are less likely to experience burnout.

Get More Sleep

Does your job keep you up at night? Maybe you tend to stay up late because you have such a heavy workload, or maybe you toss and turn for hours because you’re often anxious about work. Exhaustion can quickly lead to burnout. Try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual, and notice how much better you feel the next day!

Learn to Delegate

Maybe you could take some tasks off of your plate at work or at home, but you’re just nervous to trust anyone else with your responsibilities. If you want to shorten your to-do lists while ensuring that everything still gets done, you’ll need to get used to delegating. To delegate effectively at work, Brian Tracy International recommends matching the requirements of the task to the employee’s abilities – you don’t want someone to end up in over their head. At home, you could invest in services like grocery delivery or house cleaning.

Start a New Hobby Like Gardening

Starting a new hobby can bring many benefits to your life. Gardening is a great example of an enjoyable activity that offers physical and mental health benefits. Physically it provides great exercise, while also giving you the satisfaction of tending to something beautiful outdoors. Mentally, it can be very calming and therapeutic. It forces you to stay in the present moment, as well as practice patience with plants growing at their own pace. Gardening has the potential to improve mood and help reduce stress levels, connecting you with nature in new ways. If you’re just starting out, consult resources like Home Garden Hero for growing tips and gardening advice.

Professional burnout can affect people in any career or industry. Even if you love your job, you could still end up pushing yourself to the point of burnout. With these tips, you’ll be able to identify strategies to alleviate burnout, like earning an online degree, applying for remote roles, learning to garden, or simply getting more sleep!

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